Älska Sverige

I just came back from Farewell party for me. I’m leaving Sweden on next Monday… It has been very hard process about transition. I love Sweden from first day of being here, so I didn’t want to leave at all.

So here I’m sharing some of my highlights….

Where beautiful flowers are everywhere, knows how to care them enjoy them. And I got to live by the sea which is most beautiful area!

And I got to learn how to bake! Swedes are really love to bake, and they love all kinds homemade stuff!

Semla! Its super delicious and fatty, so people eat on fat day which is last day before Lent starts.

I found my gift in baking and cooking! It’s so fun!

I will surely miss meat balls until I come back to Sweden! Chocolate balls as well.

And got to learn how to knit! I’m knit pro now.

I can see what things I’ve learned from being in Sweden. There are much more things I can share but I’ll finish here.
I hope to come back after my MA degree in U.S.A.

BUT I will enjoy my last days here.
Vi ses snart.


rainy easter monday

This morning I woke up with no alarm. I dropped my iphone into sink with full of water last Good Friday. Since then my phone died so basically I don’t have any alarm to put on. But today is still Red day here in Sweden as easter Monday, so it was fine to sleep in a bit.

It’s rainy day as showing my sadness of loosing be loved iphone, which has all my document that I haven’t backed up to itunes last 3months… stupid! I’m alone in my room again, actually in whole my house.

One of my roommates went to Denmark to teach, anther roommate is coming back home today sometime from her easter break.

So here I am becoming creative when I’m alone. Beside painting I’m also making cowl with yellow yarn that I bought on Saturday at Gothenburg. It was on sale so I bought it at 10kr!! I will share later when I’m finish knitting.

Hope you all are still with me, I have been struggle a lot with personal life. But I’m back now, will share more paintings and my life.

Thank you all! KRAM