creative day

For me, being alone makes me creative.

Before I thought Sunshine makes me creative, but today although it’s very grey out side I feel very creative. So I look around and thought about things. I realized when I feel free, being alone, makes me creative that is point where I don’t put myself in the box. Freedom is such a precious feeling, and gives you feeling that you can do anything, becoming positive, start to act.

I painted Lily flower, it has been 6 months that I didn’t paint any… oh well I need to paint more often surely.


color: dried tulip

I love this dried tulips! one of my roommates got tulips 3weeks ago from her church and after some time it started to dying. So I cut flowers and dried them in container on heating radiator. So I quite kept shape of it and color! I love when flower dries color get little darker, it pleases me so much.

And I have tulip plant from last year I dried them totally through out the year after it died, and this year it started to grow again! It’s first time for me to keep plant over a year so I’m very excited to have tulips from my old tulip plant. Do you have any plant?