cheese platter for b-day party!

I had 26th birthday party last thursday evening! I’ve thinking to have private quality party so decide to do cheese platter evening! I haven’t done it before but I’m cheese lover so.

First question came to me was which cheese I need to buy it? So I’ve been searching online days and days, found good advice from ‘A cup of Jo’ blog. I’m flowing her blog and she has so many things to learn from. Cheese plate guide from her.

So I decided to buy each cheese from different milk, but when I went to shop it was really hard to find each one from different milk. First I’m not fluent in Swedish and it wasn’t categorized by milk. I stood at cheese cornet at ICA MAXI(Big supermarket here in Sweden) about 20 minutes, realized I brought paper that wrote down names of cheese from Cheese plate guide.

So I bought Castello Blue Cheese (Denmark)/ Høng Camembert (France)/ Grayère Reserva (Switzerland)/ Les Petit Fiance (France.Goat cheese)/ Manchego (Spain)/ Västerbatten Ost (Sweden)/Cambozola (French/Italy)

Then prepare cheese an hour before so it would be good if its room temperature you will enjoy best flavor out of cheese. And prepared biscuits and baguette (French bread would be good) and pear, grape is best combination with cheese. Also prepare cranberry source or cranberry marmalade. And I put out some olives as well.

Then enjoy party with either Champaign or Wine, and Henry Mancini – Breakfast At Tiffany’s Original Soundtrackgreat fellowship with dear ones.


3 thoughts on “cheese platter for b-day party!

      1. If you are referring to Brunost, I have heard of it but I have not had it. The nickname for Brunost is Goat fudge and it is supposedly quite sweet but technically not a cheese. It is made from boiling down goat whey supplemented with cream. There is no maturation involved.

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